CCNY Principal Investigator

My lab uses molecular, neuroanatomical, and behavioral techniques to study how and why birds sing. Currently, we are focusing on the biological basis of social influences by uncovering the cell molecular activity crucial for the cultural transmission of vocal repertoires.

Osceola Whitney, Ph.D.

CUNY Graduate Center Biology Ph.D. Student

I am excited to be the first CUNY PhD student in the Whitney Lab! I am investigating brain gene activities of vasotocin, oxytocin, and their receptors in zebra finch auditory and vocal-motor-control brain circuits. I hope to continue doing research as a postdoctoral trainee, and then an academic. I also enjoy reading classic fiction novels, exploring new coffee shops, and neglecting my houseplants.

Katherine Anderson –

CCNY Biology\Biotechnology Master’s Student

I am a Biotechnology Masters student here at CCNY! I am investigating the effects of dopamine physiology on behavioral plasticity. My plan is to pursue research to contribute to veterinary medicine through biotechnological means. I like to play video games or tennis in my free time and am learning to play the violin

– Eric Velizhinskiy

Minority Access to Research Carrers (MARC) Scholar

I am a junior attending CCNY and my major is Biology. I love science and learning how life works. I am excited to be on campus to participate in research and learn more about the biology research community at CCNY.

Deborah Cobourne

Research Volunteers

Hello, I am a CCNY junior majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Biology. I am excited to pursue research during my undergraduate degree. I am fascinated by theĀ field of neuroscience and exploring the processes of learning and social development

Violet Doolittle –